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  • 7 Plants and Gardening Ideas for Newbies

    Gardening is an art. It is indeed an expression of nature, but each garden, each patio, even each balcony decorated with plants is unique and unrepeatable, although they have been designed in the same style. Each of us can contribute something of his own that will make that space personal. So that the landscape can […] More

  • Handmade Toy Tutorial Ideas with Recycled Material

    Recycling materials such as pales, plastic or glass containers, clothes that we are going to throw away, plugs, buttons, ornaments, threads, etc., is very useful to do all kinds of decorative and functional crafts; You can also make handmade toys for the little ones in the house. Here are some ideas. Which one do you […] More

  • Easy DIY Rope Projects for your Home

    The DIY ropes would be immaculate in practically any decor. What on the off chance that I revealed to you that you could get materials did you require for this task sent directly to your entryway at a similar cost or short of what you could get them at the store? You don’t need to […] More

  • 10 Original Ideas for Gift Wrapping

    Inspire yourself in our gallery of original ideas to wrap gifts and fill the foot of the tree with magic and illusion. Your gifts will shine more than ever and will be the favorites even before opening them! 1. Prepare With Time Plan when you are going to wrap all the gifts. If you do […] More

  • Crafts With Plastic Bottles | Ceramic Imitation

    With this ceramic imitation technique, we can make various crafts with plastic bottles, such as containers, pencil holders, and porta lanes. Today we are going to learn how to do a great recycling job. With it, we transform plastic bottles into decorative and useful objects for our house or to make a very special gift. […] More

  • Stencil labels on bottles: A great idea to decorate!

    Painting labels with stencil on bottles is a fantastic idea to decorate and also to label the glass containers of the kitchen or make an original gift. Besides, it is a simple technique that allows us to recycle packaging and make use of our creativity to create beautiful and decorative packaging for our house. How […] More