Stencil labels on bottles: A great idea to decorate!

Painting labels with stencil on bottles is a fantastic idea to decorate and also to label the glass containers of the kitchen or make an original gift. Besides, it is a simple technique that allows us to recycle packaging and make use of our creativity to create beautiful and decorative packaging for our house.

How to make a stencil on bottles

One of the reasons you can make a bottle is this apple, a template that you can download from this tutorial by Martha Stewart.


  • Template
  • Adhesive paper
  • Engraving cream or glass paint
  • Roller or sponge
  • Scissors or cutter


The first thing you have to do is transfer the template on the adhesive paper, cut out the silhouette of the apple, and stick the paper on the bottle.

Then soak the roller or sponge in the engraving cream or paint, paint the apple and let it dry completely before removing the paper.

If you use etching cream, wait about 20 minutes and place the bottle under the tap of cold water before removing the adhesive paper.

As you can see, the procedure is super simple and allows you to print figures and also labels with stencil on bottles.

Messages or labels on recycled bottles

In the same way, you can print labels or messages in recycled bottles to create a decorative or utilitarian object. If you usually have bottles with drinks or various liquids in the kitchen, it sure will come in handy.

You can also paint bottles and make a nice and original gift, or prepare one of your aromatized oil recipes and paint a label to make a personalized gift.

Bottles and decorated glass containers

There are several reasons you can do with stencil on bottles and also on glasses, jars, jars, and containers, or glass objects of all kinds.

In pictures, we found some fantastic ideas to make gifts with painted glass containers. For example, apply a monogram on jars to make a wedding gift.
The only disadvantage of this method is that we can not make messages with very small letters or very complicated designs. But we can use the simplest stencils, the silhouettes, a letter or monogram, the label of the contents of the bottle, or a simple message.

Image result for Bottles and decorated glass containers

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