Just Rub your Skin with these Spice and your Wrinkles will Disappear!

Effectively. Now you can desfruncirlo, (so that you do not wrinkle) because we are going to tell you why anise is the new natural Botox.Keep reading because we may be facing a new and effective anti-wrinkle ingredient.

We also were a bit surprised at this new anti-wrinkle, but the truth is that the use of anise for wrinkles is not a new trend.

Well, not technically because the anise has been used in mature skin to prevent and reduce wrinkles for years.

What happens is that now comes back to the scene and cosmetics are preparing new formulas to incorporate it into their ‘recipe’. Why?

Why anise works as an anti-wrinkle

The main reason is that the anise has sedative properties, so it relaxes the muscles of the face and prevents the lines of expression from being marked. Conclusion? In the long term, if you reduce expression lines, you reduce the risk of wrinkles.

However, you will ask: then, does it only serve to prevent?

What if I already have wrinkles and want to hide them? Anise not only serves to prevent wrinkles but also reduces and eliminates them.And that is, this spice increases the natural production of collagen in the skin.

I suppose you have already heard about the famous collagen, but for those who are still not very familiar with it, it is a molecule that forms fibers to  to keep the skin (tissues) stretched, smooth and smooth.Therefore, if we increase the collagen naturally with anise, we help to mold and increase the thickness of the skin in the sunken areas.

That is to say, ‘we raise the wrinkles’ and we get a more uniform skin.

Cosmetics with anise for wrinkles

The first is a serum that reaffirms, illuminates and revitalizes the complexion. How?

With extracts of anise and peach that fight the lines of expression, reaffirm and smooth the skin relief.It is a day cream that provides volume for normal or combination skin.It includes solar protection and UVA filter and extracts of anise to strengthen the collagen network and improve the renewal of it.

Natural remedy: mask with anti-wrinkle anise

The best thing about this anti-wrinkle is that you can find it anywhere and at a more than affordable price.We propose you to make your mask with anise.

With it, you will achieve hydrated, smooth and free skin and imperfections (used to eliminate acne and its marks ) in a week.

You need:

  • 40 grams of anise seeds
  • 1 cup of hot water

Heat water until it boils and pours it into a cup.Let it rest for a minute and add the 40 grams of anise (two spoonfuls approximately).Cover for 10 minutes and, when cool, place it on your face.You can do so by soaking a cotton ball or directly with the fingertips.It does not need rinsing, although you can wash with water and apply, later your usual night cream.

Apply it daily for a week and you will notice the results!

Other properties of anise

In addition to being a natural bottom, anise is famous for its digestive properties.It is an ancestral remedy against gut pain, gas, and acidity.In its composition are antispasmodics and sedatives so any stomach pain can be palliated with anise naturally.

We could say that it does not cure the stomach problem, but the pain it causes.It is also very useful to calm the typical nerves that close the stomach.The anise will relax the muscle, will open the appetite and also, effectively ends up with the gases produced by bad digestion.

What more could be asked of such a rich plant?

It has anti-inflammatory properties so it is a good alternative to ibuprofen (more natural and therefore, more healthy) to make those five days more bearable.Try two infusions of anise daily, one in the morning and another at bedtime.

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