How to Remove the Permanent hair to leave it Natural

How to remove the base of the hair naturally

The base or permanents can be very good for our beauty but they can cause side effects.For this reason, if you see an effect that damaged your hair here we show you how to remove the permanent hair.

Well, there are some natural elements that you could apply to remove the perm safely without damaging the mane.

  • You can apply a hot oil treatment for the reduction of curls.
  • Also, make a haircut, if you want to do the cuts paused then perform every four weeks.
  • Or you can use a cleansing shampoo deep cleansing every time you bathe, but it is not natural but you will not hurt your hair either.

Steps of How to remove the permanent hair

  • First, you must wash your hair with a mild shampoo, I recommend chamomile, you should not apply conditioner just wash it and dry it with a towel.
  • Then comb and collect your hair on top of your head.
  • Then release your hair, apply the NEUTRALIZING solution, comb with the wide-tooth comb and leave it straight down.
  • Leave the solution for some time of 20 minutes, remember to comb every 5 minutes to rectify straight hair.
  • After this time you should rinse with plenty of warm water, you must rinse for 5 minutes to remove the solution and eliminate the bad smell.
  • Once this is done, dry your hair, apply the neutralizing solution for all your hair comb with the thick toothbrush and wait 5 more minutes.
  • Finally, rinse your hair and comb as you wish.

Due to these two, neutralizing and permanent compounds can be that your hair is very dry, then we must counteract the problem using a natural treatment, which is a mask of lemon and honey for dry hair.

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