How to embroider with cross stitch: Tips and Tricks

The cross stitch is a very simple embroidery technique that only requires a little practice, learns some tricks to make easy embroidery with this technique!

The cross stitch is a very simple sewing technique that will allow us to make beautiful embroideries and very showy trimmings.

It does not require long learning, just a little practice and learn to enjoy while we elaborate on the chosen work.

You will start with easy patterns and soon you will be able to draw much bigger and more detailed drawings.

Learn some tricks to make easy embroidery with this technique!

Choose easy patterns

Choose easy patterns that do not have too many details and are not too big. As you have more practice you will be able to elaborate more elaborate and detailed embroidery, but starting with the simple is the best thing to learn in peace and not throw in the towel.

Look for easy patterns to start.

Special needle, thick thread, and Aida fabric

Acquire a special cross stitch needle to be able to embroider properly. The cross stitch needles do not have a point and are larger because the thread is also thicker.

The cross stitch supports different loose and not compact fabrics, but if you are going to start with this technique it is better that you choose Aida fabric since it has small holes in the shape of squares that will make it easier to embroider and not make mistakes.

Needle, thick threads and Aida fabric.

Use a frame

Using a cross-stitch frame will help you better organize the fabric when you start embroidering, and it will give you lightness with the stitches.

There are different shapes, round, rectangular, with support … look for the one that is most comfortable for you and start embroidering.

Relax sewing

Do not be in a hurry to finish, the grace of this technique is to distract yourself and relax and learn to make beautiful sewing jobs. Look for original, beautiful and colorful patterns and start making them without putting dates or hours, enjoy cross stitch!

The frame will help you embroider better.

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