Handmade Toy Tutorial Ideas with Recycled Material

Recycling materials such as pales, plastic or glass containers, clothes that we are going to throw away, plugs, buttons, ornaments, threads, etc., is very useful to do all kinds of decorative and functional crafts; You can also make handmade toys for the little ones in the house. Here are some ideas. Which one do you like the most?

Handmade toys: Baby Rattle

This beautiful handcraft is very useful for the development of the baby’s sense of eye-hand coordination. Let your child enjoy the sounds and exercise their legs or arms, with these bracelets at full speed!

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  • Jingle bells
  • Felt of the color you want
  • Velcro
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Socks that do not work (optional)
  • Step by Step

We begin by cutting a strip of felt about 4 cm wide, and with the length of the measurements previously taken from the baby’s ankle. Then we sew to this strip the bells that can be three or four. Finally, stick a piece of Velcro on the end and go! To this toy, you can add a sock so that the baby does not rub the ankle. This part is optional because if the felt is soft and does not hurt the baby’s skin we can leave it as it is. If you consider that you are not good at crafts, you can find used toys in many stores.

1. How to make a three in a row home


  • Paperboard
  • Cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Marker pen

Step by Step

We begin by marking the measurements of the board on a piece of cardboard; these measurements can be 25 x 25 cm, for example. Inside the board marks the 9 cells of which it has, all of the same measures. The leftovers are cut and there will be a board that you can decorate if you wish.

The chips can be made with many things like recycled coffee capsules, shells, or in this case with colored stones. If you choose this last idea you can paint three stones of one color marked with an “o” and the other three stones of another color marked with an “x”.

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2. Handmade toys with a plastic bottle

To make a flying helicopter with these materials is simple. I leave the images to make a graphic idea and you will see that with a little skill you get it. Your children will love it.

Image result for Handmade toys with a plastic bottle

Make a hole in the lid of the container and then cut the bottle in half. We will also leave a plastic strip, to continue with the craft. The plastic bottle does not need to be very large. We cut the straws of the chosen color all in half and equally. As you can see, one will form the helicopter blades and the others the skis. Mount a few straws in a cross-like blade holding these with a thumbtack and those with the ends that can be folded we leave them to form the skis; which remain together through a plastic strip stapled to the straw itself.

Related image

In these last images, you can see how to mount the helicopter using the part of the bottle with the stopper and straw put inside out in the remaining hole.

3. The idea to personalize your stuffed animals

With textile markers you can create thousands of shapes and drawings, so try making your own personalized stuffed animals like this one.

4. Handmade table football with a wooden box

This craft can be made as complicated as you want, everything will depend on the recycled materials to be used. You can use as “field” cardboard or wooden box, the latter will last longer.

To make the handlebars you can use recycled plastic straws or wooden bars, introduced by the holes previously made in what will be the football field. The players can be wooden sticks painted in the colors of the teams that you like the most. These players will pinch them in the areas that correspond to them. Finally, the ball can be made of crumpled paper, foam rubber, or a small wooden ball.

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5. Handmade toys: predators on wooden clothespins

Speaking of the wooden tweezers, look at that nice craft. If you have tweezers that you have leftover you can paint them or write whatever you want on top. To make them funnier, draw a shark or the animal that you like best on a piece of cardboard or paper (throw in imagination) and stick half on the top end of the clip and the other half on the bottom end.


6. How to make a dollhouse with a plastic container

This toy is a really cute one that will delight the little ones in the house. As you can see carefully cutting out the plastic containers, you can get some houses from the sea of ​​monkeys. For this, we only need a pair of scissors and a cutter. With a little ingenuity you can make windows and doors; then just decorate them inside with whatever you want.

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7. Handmade toys: car made with a plastic container

The plastic containers are a whole world to make toys for children of all ages. Look, for example, this car made by cutting the bottle with the shape given in the image and then adding the wheels, which will be the caps of different bottles. These plugs can be attached to wooden rods or straws and rolled on the ground.

As you can see, you can recycle many materials to make all kinds of crafts and these for children, they are great. Anyway, I leave this link of toys of the patrol dog in case you also want to look at other types of toys. Which of these handmade toys would you like to make? Do you usually recycle waste materials at home? Could you share with us more crafts for boys and girls?

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