Effective Ways to Lose Weight for Those Over Forty

While reaching forty shouldn’t really be a big deal because it is still a very young age, many people are intimidated by the midlife crisis.If you are healthy, then forty isn’t much of concern but for many, you will need to make some lifestyle changes because your body isn’t going to bear up with the way you treat it any longer. After passing the age of 40, every decade thereafter, your metabolism rate decreases by 5%.

A woman has to averagely cut 100 calories from her daily diet to maintain her shape.As mentioned, those who do exercise and are fit haven’t much to worry about but for others; there is no need to start panicking.There are surprising and numerous ways to burn calories just like reducing heat at home.This article will provide you with 12 methods which will be efficient to lose weight and remain thin after passing the age of 40.You will know some of these methods but they aren’t actually difficult and even can be entertaining.

1. Do the right exercises

You should include 4-5 minutes of resistance training sessions per week along with your daily cardio when your metabolism rate starts decreasing.To burn your calories and keep your muscles well-toned you would have to do exercises like step-ups, bird dogs, push-ups and clams.

2. Walking is an excellent exercise

If you are worried about intense exercise, then walking is just perfect, but it doesn’t mean the lazy type of walking.You need to do brisk walking which can increase your metabolism by walking 10,000 steps per day.This will also raise your spirits and help you keep remain fit. 10k steps are roughly 7 km which can be easily accomplished if you walk for an hour 5 times a week.

3. Set realistic goals

Magical pill, slimming belt and a magical diet does sound appealing for losing more than half your weight within a week, but it’s surely just impractical.It can lead to more harm if you actually do lose more than half your weight by those methods.In fact, you must have heard about the 10 day diet challenge.Throw those concepts out of the window because while synthetic added sugar is bad for you, natural sugars fruits and healthy carbs are not.

4. Your ideal goal

To spare the emotional and physical stress of losing so much weight, you would have to lose 1-2 lb a week.This goal will be achievable as well as healthy which can make you build habits for a healthy lifestyle and maintain your physique for a longer time.Harm will not be caused to your body in this way.You can try some core strengthening exercises like a plank for 30 seconds-2 minutes every day.

5. Get your vitamins

Different periods of our lives can make our body require different needs.Vitamin B12, magnesium, potassium, omega-3, probiotics, calcium, zinc iron and folate should be included in their diet if a woman passes the age of 40.Avocados, bananas, and dried apricots can help in the diet as well as provide sufficient amount of potassium while tasting good.Yogurt and almonds will provide your body with calcium and 10-20 minutes of midday sun will provide you a good amount of vitamin D.Make sure you wear a sunscreen while getting tanned.

6. Stay on schedule

You should make it a priority to eat regularly.Your metabolism can be disturbed by skipping meals and causes your body to store calories rather than burn them, thus gives an opposite result.Moreover, starving yourself in hopes of losing weight faster increases the stress hormone cortisol in the body putting you at risk of conditions like hypothyroidism and weight gain.

7. Eat your breakfast daily

This doesn’t mean you have to gorge the whole day, limit your portions but eat more meals a day to keep you satiated.Breakfast is essential as it gets your body ready for the whole day.Have some healthy snacks in between or have a healthy lunch.Snacks in the night can be harmful for your weight as well as your stomach.

8. Don’t forget to rest

Beside the fact that it is good for your skin, beauty sleep can also help you remain leaner and stay healthy. Your brain can make bad decisions if you are sleep deprived. Skipping workouts and eating snacks and junk food can cause fullness and mess your hormone, leptin and ghrelin, causing you to overeat while not knowing your limit.

9. Turn down the heat

This fact is true that more fat is burned while sleeping in cooler temperatures due to the calories burnt to remain warm.Fat in a human being can be divided into 2 categories- good one which is brown in color and white which is bad fat.For producing heat and burning down calories, brown fat is responsible for this function.The activity of brown fat reduces when your house gets warmer.An average of 19 degrees should be your home’s temperature which is suggested by scientists.To lose so many pounds, this method is particularly helpful.

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