How to Learn to Draw Anime Eyes and Manga Step by Step

The eyes are a fundamental part to define the type of character we draw and also to show the state of mind we want to express in the anime character.
In this section, we will see some tips to draw anime eyes and the most common types of eyes.


To start drawing anime eyes it is advisable to draw from the bottom of the eye to the outside when we make the edges, eyelids, and eyebrows.

STEP 1. Drawing Base

We start by making the top edge of the eye, then the bottom and finally the iris, with this we will have ready the base of the drawing.

STEP 2. Internal details and Eyebrows

After having the base we make the upper eyelid, which must always be separated by a small distance from the eye, we make the eyebrows and we detail the iris with a small central circle in the eye.

STEP 3. External details and Brightness

Finally add lashes, thin if they are masculine or thick (as in the image) if they are female eyes. For thick eyelashes, it calculates the base (red line), removes it and adds some extra tabs at the top and bottom.
To make the reflection of the look, add two brightness one in the pupil (small) and another larger between the pupil and the iris.

Types of eyes anime

Rounded eyes. These are called “semirealistic” eyes because the iris is real size, but the outer angle of the eye is raised. If you look at the red lines on the outer edges you will notice that they are quite soft.

Related image

Curved Eyes

These eyes are more “Naruto” style, the external shape is quite similar to the previous one, only that in this case the lower edge of the eye is more straight and the iris is smaller. If they are female eyes, the eyelashes are more marked.

Large eyes. In this case, the eyes are narrower and longer, therefore the iris also adopts this form.Sure you wonder why I make a single section for anime noses and mouths because the answer is very simple.

I will explain how to draw anime mouths and noses at the same time because in this type of style these two elements have a close relationship with each other and both are composed of fairly straight lines.
As you will have observed in the anime-like drawing, these two elements of the face are quite minimalist, that is, the elements tend to be quite small, so at first you may find that you do not achieve the effect you want, but you can.

Basic Styles

The basic style of anime nose and mouth consists of three simple basic forms: a wedge or line in the form of an angle for the nose.
In frontal views like this, you can notice that with a few lines you have already defined your nose and


The size of these elements will vary with each character, the important thing is that you make sure they are always aligned, so draw vertical lines as shown. In the drawing on the right, you will see that the face is turned a little but the features are still aligned.

Profile Style

When drawing the nose and mouth profile is more complicated than drawing them in front or in view ¾, the main reason is that in this case, it is important to define the lips in the drawing. You must give them shape and not just use straight lines.
The first thing to consider is the curve of the nose, lips, and chin. As you will see in this case we must incorporate the chin of our character.

The upper lip curves inward and the lower one, which is a little behind, curves outwards. It is important that you practice this orientation and familiarize yourself with the proportions to achieve better finishes.
After this, it is only necessary to draw the lower half of the face, which will be composed of curves that are exchanged, that is, they change direction constantly in an alternate way.

Observe as in both previous drawings, the nose curves following the face, and then in its lower part returns to the upper lip. Then the upper lip comes out a little to go back in again, and the lower lip does exactly the same.

For the chin, notice that the line is not straight like that of the lips, in this case, it is around and curved outward line.
You can also observe in the previous drawing that to draw faces of different ages it is enough to reduce the proportion and the curves of the facial features.

Generals Features

The anime mouths are usually not very large and are limited to straight lines, unless the character is yelling or excited, moments that become larger mouths teeth bared square or rounded.
Female characters will tend to have smaller or less defined noses, while male characters will usually have larger and more angular ones.

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